with Kimber Lim

What would happen if, just for today, you allowed yourself to be exactly who you are?

What would happen if, just for today, you expressed yourself exactly as you always hoped you could?

What would happen if, just for today, you proudly embraced your feminine power?

What would happen if, just for today, you believed in the dream you hold so dear?

What would happen if, just for today, you called on other women to help you nurture that dream, to reach for it, to claim it as yours and live the purest, most beautiful vision of your life?

What would happen?

You are about to find out.

In Get Your Woman On: Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women, 39 inspiring women share their heartfelt, true stories of transformation. Featuring renowned activists such as Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen, successful entrepreneurs such as eWomen Network founder, Sandra Yancey, bestselling authors such as acclaimed actress Barbara Niven and three dozen other leaders, artists, healers, philanthropists speakers and change agents, Get Your Woman On is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women and the remarkable power of collaboration.

"While it may seem implausible, it certainly is possible for women to steer our planet toward a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future. When enough of us heed the call and come together in spiritually-centered circles of support, we can change the world."

- from the chapter by renowned Jungian analyst, activist and bestselling author Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen.

Reading the stories in Get Your Woman On will inspire you to go after big dreams and big change – change in your heart, change in your community, change in our world. This book will empower you to answer your true calling and live the life you were meant to live.

In this book...

Sandra Yancey shares the story behind her inspiration for the founding of eWomenNetwork, and reveals how women entrepreneurs can FINALLY soar past the $1 million mark.

Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen calls on women to accept their “unique assignment” and build circles of support around effecting personal, local and global transformation.

Barbara Niven shares her powerful journey from eating disorders to self-acceptance, inspiring all of us to embrace the light within.

Dr. Emma Jean Thompson tells a riveting story about the miraculous power of faith, recounting her harrowing quest to become a mother.

Mai Lieu reveals how she took her clever invention from concept to sellout item on the Home Shopping Network.

And 34 other co-authors share their own stories of how they transformed their lives through embracing their own beauty, grace and power.


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FREE Gift from Kimber Lim

Kimber Lim is an accomplished “Success Business Broker”, powerhouse speaker, and kick bootie entrepreneur. She has mastered the art of living a life of heart and financial success above and beyond any circumstance that life throws your way.

Her 25 years as an entrepreneur and an impressive track record of co-creating over $12 billion in revenues with her clients and the over 100,000 people’s who’s lives she has touched, has given her the gift of helping others design and build business and lives that have meaning, purpose and financial rewards.

She has a special gift for you to join her in living a wildly successful life and wildly profitable business.

Gift #1: GetYourWomanOn.com private social network site. Free membership for one year and access to resources, expertise and getting connected with other women around the world that are expanding their reach.

Value: $149.00

Gift #2: “Get Your Woman On: Power Teleconference with Kimber and her experts in sales, marketing, and blogging for $$”. Learn the secrets of those who have done it and have shown others how you can have success on your terms. For the first 25 who register.

Value: $500.00



FREE Gift from Dr. Emma Jean Thompson

Dr. Emma Jean Thompson is internationally esteemed as a speaker, author, motion picture producer and trusted advisor. She and her teams have been featured in various media including CNN, CSPAN, Time Magazine and USA Today with scheduled appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC and the Wall Street Journal.

As an end-time Prophet and Apostle of God and Jesus Christ, Dr. Emma Jean helps you profit and prosper. Through “Wisdom Truths” of the Holy Bible and documented success stories, Dr. Emma Jean shows you how to double your income, double your free time, enjoy happier relationships, be healthy, joyfully discover and fulfill your God-given purpose, and Make Room for Jesus™ in your everyday life.

Gift #1: “Wake Up and Greet the Morning With Joy” Encouragement Series 1. This jam-packed multi-media treasure chest, includes 3 Audios, and 1 eBook transcription and is sure to help lift your burdens and inspire your spirit and soul 
Total Value: $237

Gift #2: Automatically entered into a drawing for Two (2) FREE Tickets to the “Wisdom Life” Live Event. Two randomly selected registrants and their guest will have the opportunity of a lifetime to attend this Fall 2011 event. Learn how to hear God's messages, discover how God guides you and be enveloped in the nurturing caring presence of the Holy Spirit. Receive valuable training and tools to help fulfill your God-given purpose.
Total Value: $1,594



FREE Gift from Taylore B. Sinclaire

Step Into Your Essensce

Taylore B. Sinclaire is the creator of IlluminEssensce, a system for self-remembering and self-actualization through fashion and beauty. Taylore’s passion is helping women become themselves. She is a pioneering leader and bridge builder in non-verbal communication, psychology, and fashion.

Taylore offers you three bonus gifts to support you to live your personal truth and a life full of harmony & beauty.

Gift #1: An "At Home Core Essensce Profile" for 5 Individuals. Take the first step into your Essensce by completing this profile assessment. Learn your Harmonic Tone, receive a 60-page IlluminEssensce Manual, as well as the Essensce Radiance Shopping Fan that includes the shapes, textures, colors and words that describe you and your Essensce.
Value: $300.00

Gift #2: Access to Taylore's coveted 1-Day "Power to Be Yourself" Seminar + an "At Home Core Essensce Profile" for 2 Individuals. Attend this invigorating and life-changing day with Taylore and other dynamic, like-minded women.
Value: $500.00

Gift #3: The first e-book in a series entitled: "Does My Butt Look Big in These Pants?" Fashion Wisdom, Beauty Tips and Exploding Fashion & Beauty Myths. In this first installment of the series you will receive some of Taylore's fashion wisdom and learn why the clothing you wear has such a big impact not only on how you are perceived and treated by others, but also on your health, energy levels, emotional well-being and mental clarity. In this month's quick tip, you will also learn how to choose the best neutral color knee highs and nylons.
Value: $45.00



FREE Gift from Linda Brodsky, M.D.

Only She Who Attempts the Absurd Can Achieve the Impossible

Dr. Linda Brodsky is an internationally-renowned pediatric otolaryngologic surgeon who, for 20 years, has been named one of the “Best Doctors in America”. After a ten-year gender discrimination battle with her two New York state employers, Linda discovered that many other women physicians were facing similar problems.

Linda has since launched Expediting the Inevitable, a consultancy dedicated to working with both healthcare organizations and individuals to integrate women doctors fully, fairly and flexibly into an often-antiquated system so that both may better serve their patients.

Gift #1. Only She Who Attempts the Absurd Will Achieve the Impossible. This e-book is the story of Linda’s rise, fall, and rise again as a woman who dared to face gender discrimination in a man’s world: medicine.

Gift #2. In Linda’s video, Only She Who Attempts the Absurd Achieves the Impossible, be inspired to climb mountains and to take tumbles in your own journey - overcoming the impossible much as Linda had to do to survive and thrive through her experiences.

Gift #3. A Set of Mini-Lectures: Every Woman Physician Needs a Mentor in Her Life! and Building a Culture of Mentoring in Your Healthcare Organization. Originally and exclusively for her clients at Expediting the Inevitable, these two introductory power point lectures with voice-over provide the basics concepts of mentorship for individuals and for organizations.

Value: $350.00



FREE Gift from Sherrin Ross Ingram

Learn How to Stay Focused and Get Things Done (…in Spite of Distractions)!

What would it mean to your career, business, income, and the quality of your personal time if you could stay focused on your most important tasks until they’re completed? EVERYTHING!

Failing to stay laser focused is likely costing you everything you really want from your business and career. Sherrin Ross Ingram, known as “America's Leading Power Strategist,” has put together an unbelievable combination of bonuses exclusively for those who invest in Get Your Woman On.

Gift #1: “How to Stay Focused” Coaching Video – Sherrin serves up three of the most effective strategies for staying focused. In this 30-minute information packed video, you will learn:

  1. The rarely discussed reason why most attempts to consistently focus fail and the strategy that will help you overcome it.

  2. The single most important tool that will get you back on track from a mental distraction within seconds every time and how to use this tool correctly.

  3. The most effective strategy for understanding what triggers your distractions and how to manage the triggers so that you stay focused and reclaim your productive time.

Value: $97.00

Gift #2: “How to Stay Focused” Action Guide – This is the written version of the video with space for taking notes and planning how you will leverage the information Sherrin provided. Value: $47.00

Gift #3: FREE one-on-one Laser Coaching Session – For the first 6 ambitious people to collect this bonus offering. Get a powerful 30-minute Laser Coaching Session with Sherrin. Value: $500.00

Total Value: $644.00 (Perhaps Priceless!)



FREE Gift from Lorraine Francis

Lorraine Francis is an award-winning architect and business owner who has a strong passion for sustainability, education, technology and collaboration. She actively studies how other entrepreneurs, especially women, succeed in all aspects of life - then acts as a thought-leader to implement the very skill-sets she picked up.

Gift #1: "How to Build a Million Dollar Business and Beyond: 52 Tips to Simplify Your Business and Go BIG" - Attention women entrepreneurs: Only 3% of women-owned businesses reach an annual revenue over $1M! After hearing this shocking statistic, Lorraine dedicated herself to teaching women how to shortcut their path. Gain access to her coveted strategies that will show you ways to grow yourself and your business successfully.
Value: $197.00

Gift #2: "9 Myths about Greening Your Business and Home" - Learn to make changes that matter! In this forward-thinking eBook, Lorraine guides you through myths about greening your home and business.
Value: $59.00

GIFT #3: "A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide To Sustainable Change" - Americans all have a big carbon footprint – and you alone are responsible for your future. In this powerful audio, gain insight into what it really means to be a Change Agent when it comes to making a sustainable difference; how we as women can create change by taking care of ourselves; plus small actions to heal the planet.
Value: $59.00



FREE Gift from Sherah Danielle Thompson

Sherah Danielle Thompson is a writer, director, and Award-winning film producer. Sherah has struggled with managing her weight like many others today. She weighed 190lbs in high school, then lost 55lbs in five short months. She gained the weight back plus more, then experienced losing 40lbs in five months. But then again, gained it all back with great frustration.

Through the process of trying countless diets and training with body builders to celebrity fitness trainers, Sherah discovered the key to optimum wellbeing. She figured out how to lose the weight and keep it off! This combined with surviving a traumatic car accident where her SUV flipped three times, Sherah became aware of her new chance at life.

Throughout her journey, she developed a highly successful concept called "The Health Trinity": Spiritual, Soul-Emotional, and Physical Fitness. When all three areas of fitness are aligned, a person achieves optimum health. Sherah shares two bonus gifts to offer you the powers of this Trinity...

Gift #1: Free Acess to the Behind the Scenes “The Health Trinity” Journey - Join Sherah as she takes you behind the scenes on her “The Health Trinity” journey, you will have access to her private personal feelings, thoughts and experiences as she goes on this journey to reach her goal. The written and video blogs and the tips that you receive are sure to impact and inspire you. 
Value: $297.00

Gift #2 : Automatically entered into a drawing for Two (2) Free Tickets to “The Health Trinity” Live Event - Two randomly selected registrants and their guest will have the opportunity of a lifetime to attend this transformational event. You will learn how to use the concept of “The Health Trinity” to achieve optimum wellbeing, fitness for your Spirit, Soul and Body. 
Value: $1,297.00



FREE Gift from Dr. Marcy Cole

Marcy Cole, Ph.D., is a Holistic Psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, best selling co-author and speaker. Over the last fifteen years, she has developed an extensive private practice with adults, couples and families. Her approach integrates western and eastern perspectives on achieving optimal health and well being. Dr. Cole’s treatment process provides a safe space for personal reflection, re-evaluation, healing, discovery and manifestation.

Dr. Marcy Cole offers you 2 bonus gifts for you to ground your energy, lift you up to your higher ground, and keep you awake to who you are, what you want and what you deserve to receive!

Gift #1: Meditation Audio Download - “Higher Ground” - This 8 minute meditation is an effective tool to ground your energy and align you with a higher vibrational frequency. Feel a deep sense of wellbeing and allow your personal power to come forth to create the life you are born to live.

Gift #2: Dr. Marcy's eBook “Living in Your Light with Holistic Health!” - This eBook takes you through the ways you can reconnect with the infinate supply of love, wisdom, peace and light within by connecting with the 4 dimension of your being: The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Total Value: $62.00



FREE Gift from Barbara Niven

Barbara Niven is definitely living her dreams! She’s one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses and served on the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild. She has more than 100 TV and film roles to her credit and has been in over 2,500 radio & TV commercials and infomercials. She's also a best-selling author, speaker and top Hollywood Media Trainer helping people just like you Unleash Your Star Power and take your business to the next level! Here are the bonuses you will get from Barbara:

Gift # 1: Her "Top 5 Star Power Secrets for the Media". This 20 minute audio is packed with a checklist of items you can do right now to start shining in media opportunities. Learn how to handle nerves and turn them into fuel for your performance, how to make a heart-to-heart connection with your audience, and so much more! 

Gift # 2: Her "Top 5 Star Power Secrets for the Media" eBook.

Gift # 3: "Use Professional Acting Skills for Oscar-Level Presentations". This hour long audio showcases Barbara being interviewed by the award-winning speaker Rebecca Morgan, of Speaker Net News.

Gift # 4: "Use Professional Acting Skills for Oscar-Level Presentations" Transcription.

Gift #5: One lucky person will be drawn to win Barbara's jam-packed "Unleash Your Star Power! Home Study Course"! This $497.00 Value contains Barbara’s secrets & tips for dynamic videos, public speaking, radio & TV interviews, developing your message & more!



FREE Gift from Nohra Leff

Make Your Small Business Soar

Nohra M. Leff today is a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of several businesses. Her latest enterprise, Real Hopes for Business, is consulting company which helps small businesses blow the doors off their competition by making them visible on the internet.

If you want to know what you can do right now to improve your presence and authority online then click the link to watch this video. It will take less than five minutes of your time and you'll get inside information on how the influence engines work to increase your visibility, drive traffic and even enhance your business' reputation.

In it you will discover

  • What the top Internet "influences engines" are

  • How well or poorly your business scores online—compared to your biggest competitors on a scale of 0 to 100 and

  • What the top five action steps are that you can take right now to boost your score and start getting more leads and customers from the Internet

Value: $997.00



FREE Gift from Laura Ellsworth

Do you need to reinvent or grow your business to a new level? “Say Yes To Success!”

Laura Ellsworth is an entrepreneur extraordinaire with a 30 year background in the creative arts industry, product sales and marketing, and referral marketing. Laura has built businesses exclusively by establishing relationships. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and is on the creative team of “Get Your Woman On”.

Gift #1 - Receive a free audio download: “How to add a Referral Marketing income to your business”.

Gift #2 - For the first 5 visitors, receive a free 45 minute consultation with Laura that will direct you to excellent resources to help you reinvent your business, grow your existing one, or start anew with fresh ideas.

Value: $149.00



FREE Gift from Joan Cameron

Your Beliefs Matter. 
Live an Extraordinary Life By Changing Your Beliefs
Let Joan teach you how to step into your divinity

In 2006 Joan was a highly paid executive in a prestigious high-technology company. One night a voice said “leave now or die young, this chapter is over.” 

Determined to create a new life with meaning and purpose, Joan discovered the best tools in energy psychology, spiritual growth, and manifestation. She now thrives on sharing simple, self-empowering tools that create results.

Gift #1: In this video bonus, Joan walks you through the 6 Key Steps to manifest your life through your beliefs to become your own “Belief and Life Master.”

Gift #2: Joan’s additional bonus inventory includes a Belief Mastery Workbook.

Gift #3: Come to one of Joan’s 2-Day workshops and save $100.

Value: $299.00



FREE Gift from Carrie Woodburn

Expand Awareness and Shift Perception

Carrie Woodburn is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner. She supports her clients to release unwanted blockages that have been stored in the body both consciously and unconsciously.

Powerful transformations have occurred within her clients including gaining freedom from addictions, defeating fear-based limitations and healing physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil. Healing is an alchemical process and is always rooted in our energy. The alchemist’s way is one of expanding awareness and shifting perception.

Clients experience deep transformation, increased clarity, creativity and most of all EXPANSION!!

Carrie’s bonus is a 3-part process...

Gift #1: "Break Open the Longing in Your Heart" eBook - Gain confidence instantly by honoring the truth and longing in your heart.

Gift #2: Experience the Answer to the Question, “Who Am I? - Uncover your spiritual essence in this guided energetic healing meditation.

Gift #3: Your Essence on Canvas; a Personalized 18x24 Painting of Acrylic on Canvas ($140 Off) - Sign up for a private call with Carrie from which she will create your own unique “Soul Portrait” as a lasting reflection of your harmonious nature.

Value: $235.00



FREE Gift from Andrea Herz Payne

Make a Difference through Nonprofits: Take Your Vision and Make It A Reality

In December 2004 Andrea and her husband Hunter sat in their kitchen on pins and needles waiting to hear if their friends had survived the southeast Asian tsunami. Asking themselves, "What can we do to make a difference?" prompted a life-changing journey which led to founding their own nonprofit organization, Aid Still Required (ASR).

This influential nonprofit has enlisted the help of former President Clinton's United Nations office, in addition to musical artists such as Paul McCartney, Norah Jones, Maroon 5 and Bonnie Raitt, and NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

Collectively, the ASR community has created powerful outreach raising awareness for the survivors of the 2004 tsunami, the Darfur genocide, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Long after the media dies down, ASR presses on to champion forgotten people and issues and to identify sustainable, impactful solutions.
Learn the secrets which allow Aid Still Required to make a difference in the world.

Gift #1 - A Personalized 1-hour Consult & Training Session with Andrea. A special treat is in store for the first three individuals to sign up for this exciting bonus opportunity. Based on thousands of hours of personal experience, Andrea will act as a guide in defining your philanthropic vision and clarify steps to bring that vision forth into reality. Additionally, you will receive Andrea's tip sheets, Your Nonprofit Team: 4 Essential Building Blocks and 7 Essential Steps to Building A Successful Nonprofit.
Value: $275

Gift #2 - "Share and Ask." In this video bonus, Andrea shares the first part of a simple yet powerful technique she utilizes which is the source of ASR’s success in enrolling influential movers and shakers.



FREE Gift from Rosemary Bredeson

Leap from Confusion to Clarity and "Live Your Richest Life™"

Through her deep personal transformation nearly two decades ago, Rosemary shares her powerful discoveries. "To practice trusting your gut, you’ve really got to take that leap and commit to yourself. Take back your power and recognize that no one else can lead you to your life’s purpose. Try meditation. It doesn't have to be anything formal; one breath can slow you into the place where you can hear your intuition."

So you may also gain balance and joy in life, Rosemary offers two aids to support your meditation practice.

Gift #1: "Step Away from Stress" Meditation - This guided audio is an excellent way to relax at the end of a day. Easily find peace and answers to the challenges in your life. 
Value: $47.00

Gift #2: "Moon Cycle" Message - Get in touch with your body and learn how you react to the ever-changing phases of the moon. Our ancestors were in tune with this cycle. Integrating this knowledge is a gateway to remembering our intuitive nature.
Value: $47.00



FREE Gift from Nancy Sommers

Two days before the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2009, Nancy Sommers fled her home, family and lifestyle as a Hollywood Housewife for a domestic violence shelter. She remained homeless for nearly a year.

With her faithful service dog Riley, Nancy reclaimed her life. She not only survived the loss of everything in her life, she now has more joy and abundance than she ever thought possible.

Athletic training and meeting goals provided Nancy with stamina, mental and physical dexterity and a deep spiritual connection. Her purpose is to support others through change and provide hope and inspiration.

Gift #1: Nancy’s eGuide to "Inner Fitness: How To Exercise Change in Your Life" provides key strategies to inner discovery and lasting personal change. Nancy shares her experience of heartrending pain and gives you a glimpse into her growth process. No matter where you are in life today, or what happened to get you here, your happiness and dreams are possible. Let her guide you through the process of how to achieve lasting transformation.

Gift #2: MP3 bonus companion offering to “Inner Fitness: How to Exercise Change in Your Life”.

Value: $95.00



FREE Gift from Joy Leach

Unravel Your Invisible Agreements – Access the Power to Choose!

Joy Leach consults and coaches organizations and individuals on how to perform at their optimum. Over the course of her twenty-five-year career as an organizational consultant, trainer, executive coach and author, Joy has talked with more than 40,000 women and men. An acclaimed public speaker and Master Coach, Joy is currently writing her third book, She Earns More: Creating a Joyous Life from Bank to Bedroom.

Joy supports her clients based on the concept of Invisible Agreements, which are the expectations that run your life. She knows it is essential to unravel those Invisible Agreements in order to live a productive and fulfilled life.

Gift #1: The Power of Choosing Again: Unraveling Invisible Agreements - In this powerful audio download, Joy guides you through the Invisible Agreements in your life. Learn what’s working and what isn’t and how to nurture those that fully support your purpose while eliminating the saboteurs.
Value: $35.00

Gift #2: One Full Session of Personalized Coaching on Invisible Agreements with Joy - This Master Certified Coach offers her services to the first 5 who register.
Value: $200.00



FREE Gift from Runa Bergmann

Green Heels on the Go!

Let Runa show you how you can care for the environment on a busy day.

Runa is a native of Iceland, and has for the past 20 years been involved in environmental protection in one form or another. She owned and managed the first eco-certified hotel in Iceland, Hotel Hellnar, which she recently sold, and she was a consultant to the first communities in the Northern Hemisphere to gain eco-certification by Green Globe, now Earth Check.

Now she devotes her time to inspiring women to see eco-protection as being fashionable, fun and a bit sexy – as she firmly believes that women will be the catalysts for change and bring the world towards a more sustainable future.

Gift # 1: An e-book filled with 33 brilliant eco-tips for busy women, where Runa shows you how easy it is to be eco-conscious, while enjoying a fantastic life.

Use these tips in your daily life and discover how much more meaningful your life can become when you add eco-awareness to it.

Value: $25.00



FREE Gift from Rochelle Forrest

Get Ready to Re-Ignite your Light!
Powerful tools to create the health you need so you can live the life of your dreams.

Rochelle Forrest is a passionate and spirited holistic health coach who has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping other people heal their lives. She knows from experience how to create health naturally and go from surviving to thriving! Rochelle’s impactful, action-oriented approach is tempered with a unique warmth and empathy that touches people deeply through her work as an author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur.

Rochelle founded Create Health Naturally to help others move past their health blocks and uncover their soul’s true purpose and passion. Her free gifts will help you to discover yours!

Gift #1: How Bright Is Your Light? From the ‘Reignite Your Inner Light’ online course. Learn to honor your inner brilliance through this online course designed to help you boost your energy and vitality by increasing your health awareness and reclaiming your power. Are you ready to shine? This course is filled with powerful concepts and simple but transformational exercises to help you re-ignite your inner light.

Gift #2: Personal Online Health & Wellness Assessment. Find out exactly where you’re at and what you need to focus on to create optimal health with this easy online assessment. With just a few clicks, you’ll learn about the 4 dimensions of well-being and gain instant clarity about your strength and balance in each one.

Value: $129.00



FREE Gift from Sajeela Cormack

Sajeela Cormack is a multi-time international best-selling author, speaker and holistic gourmet raw food chef and consultant. She is the host and producer of the television show God’s Garden - committed to making RAW food a way of life through her simple and fun approach to health and well-being.

No stranger to large-scale business success, Sajeela has successfully started and sold several companies at top dollar. She played an integral role in developing the day-to-day operations as well as contributed economic growth strategies necessary to create hyper-growth for any organization.

Gift #1: "Create Your Own Wealth Creation Strategy" Audio Tutorial - In this jam-packed training session, Sajeela teaches you incredible wealth strategies including: How to discover and follow our personal innate path to creating wealth; What wealth creation profile partners you most need on your team to accelerate and multiply your output; plus get exclusive access to the "Innate Wealth Creation Profile Questionnaire".
Value: $299.00

Gift #2: A 30-minute Personal Coaching Session - Tap into "You Being the Creator" in this powerful one-on-one session with Sajeela Cormack.
Value: $399.00



FREE Gift from Michele A. Wilson

Create a Plan for Life!

Have you reached a crossroads in your life and discovered the path you were following is not quite leading you in the direction you want to go? Michele A. Wilson is an Optimistic Visionary who is here to help you create a basic plan for life with her Mini-eWorkbook series.

Gift #1: "A Plan B for Life" - Michele is a single mom whose six-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, keeping him hospitalized for months. In order to stay with him and keep life moving forward, she was forced into implementing a "Plan B". Inspired by her circumstances, Michele will teach you how to create a Life Plan that includes a Plan B for times when life leads you down an unexpected path.
Value: $28.00

Gift# 2: "The Business Opportunity Plan" - Drawing on more than twenty years’ experience in corporate management, Michele will walk you through how to earn extra income in your spare time, whether your working or not!
Value: $28.00

Gift #3: "The Family Protection Plan" - Michele has found that too many individuals and families are not adequately prepared or protected for life circumstances. Learn how to protect your family so you can live a healthier, happier life.
Value: $28.00



FREE Gift from Albertine Phan

Live with ease and joy without the negative emotional charges that stand in the way of your growth.

SIMPLE AS 1 2 3 

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that could be running your life. Sounds familiar? Albertine Phan is the founder of SwitchedOnHealth.com. She is a trained Classical Homeopath and One Brain facilitator and has herself recovered from very severe depression without any pharmaceuticals. Albertine has also successfully worked with people in recovery from addiction in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the poorest postal code in Canada. Albertine is very passionate about the potential of self-actualization for the greater good of all.

Her ebook is her own personal discovery from more than 25 years of learning and applying to her own health .The ebook will provide effective tools to remove the negative emotional charge to patterns that you didn’t know were holding you back. This is the beginning of your connection to uncovering the roots of why you may seem to struggle in your life. Now there is something you can do about that “I don’t know what it is” feeling and start creating choices where none seemed to exist before.

Value: $24.99, content PRICELESS!



FREE Gift from Mai Lieu

Intuition + Intention = Dream fulfilled

In 2008 Mai Lieu sold out thousands of her invention, the CreaClip, on HSN. Her dream came to fruition when she followed her intuition and took action! She went from from an idea to marketing her own product on TV and is offering a free bonus gift with her secretes to inventing!

Gift #1: In this bonus audio, Mai shares her step by step process on how to invent! Easy to follow steps to get you started in the inventing process. From having the idea, prototyping, and patenting, to manufacturing and marketing!! Including secrets on how you can create free marketing on YouTube and have million of views on your videos!!

If you have a great idea and don’t know where to start, with this free gift you too can successfully develop your product and bring to market!

Value: $199.99



FREE Gift from Joy Long

Discover the DragonSlayer and Wisdom Keeper Within Yourself!

Joy Long discovered her DragonSlayer when faced with multiple, very challenging experiences. She lived in constant fight mode, never slowing down or replenishing, until she realized she was only slaying herself! With this realization, she dedicated her career to empowering others to recognize their fears, assess their dragons, choose their armor and step into their personal power. 

Gift #1: Assessing Your Dragons – A Tool. Assessing the obstacles in your life and understanding the "why" behind them is vital for choosing the best coping mechanisms and weapons. Use this checklist to empower your process.
Value: $21.95

Gift #2: Understanding Your Health Insurance Rights – A Weapon. Health care needs and how to pay for them is overwhelming for many individuals. Learn from Joy's health insurance expertise to gain a power-role in your healthcare challenges.
Value: $24.95

There will always be dragons but you can control how you assess, prepare for, and respond to them. Joy invites you to use these tools to increase your wisdom-keeping abilities and hone your dragon-slaying skills. 



FREE Gift from Janet Palmer

In 2007, Janet Palmer’s life dramatically changed. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and in July her husband was involved in a work-related accident leaving him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Since that time Janet has been his full-time caregiver and advocate.

She points out an obvious but necessary acknowledgment: Earthquakes happen in our lives. The earthquake might be a relationship change, loss of a job, foreclosure of a home, or health incident.

Janet's mission is to share her knowledge and experience to prevent people from feeling helpless under harsh circumstances. 

Janet invites you to enjoy her "Staying Grounded in an Earthquake" series:

Gift #1: Janet will award the first three participants a personal 60 minute telephone conference on how to stay grounded in an earthquake. She will share from her own personal experience of having to keep her life's structure in tact during the harsh life-earthquake she experienced in 2007. Powerful insights are shared including how to live for what's important and how to stay strong no matter the circumstance.
Value: $275.00

Gift #2: Janet also includes a sample advance directive to get you started on how to sit down with your family and ask the tough life questions such as, “What would you want me to do for you if…”.
Value: $24.95



FREE Gift from Haumea Hanakahi

Haumea Invites You to Create Phenomenal Mischief

What is your BIG Dream? The one you may not even speak of to 
other people? Haumea coaches women that are being called to create phenomenal mischief – or transformation- on the planet today.

In communication with unseen worlds since childhood, Haumea Hanakahi is an empath who grew up silent and on the edge of autism until she was eleven years old Haumea has spent her career as an intuitive advisor, medical intuitive, avid researcher of consciousness, as well as an entrepreneur, coach and teacher for over 25 years. Today, Haumea shares her vision of “The Rainbow World” and the feminine wisdom that will lead us there.

Gift #1: "Sacred Harmony: Live In A State of Grace" eBook - Let Haumea guide you toward a grounded, joyful and powerful life that celebrates living in this material world.
Value: $49.00

Gift #2: "How to Create Heaven on Earth" - An audio download to introduce you to the concept of the "The Rainbow World". Gain insight into how humanity and earth can co-exist in sacred harmony and in a state of consciousness for the greater good of everyone.
Value: $19.00

Gift #3: A 20-minute Personal Intuitive Coaching Session for the First 5 Women to Register
Value: $111.00



FREE Gift from Zoya Bokhoor

Zoya Bokhoor provides quality virtual online marketing and administrative support for entrepreneurs and has also created Roy’s Love Foundation, a nonprofit organization designed to help the homeless, Roys Love Foundation.

Zoya exudes strength and grace. She lost her husband and only son within close proximity to one another, and her life was forever changed. Since, she has put her life back together, has remarried and started her own online business which continues to grow.

We all go through grief at different stages of our lives. Accepting death is a part of living on this planet. We are born and we die, but how we live our livesin between is what really matters.

Gift #1: For the first 5 subscribers to register, receive two free hour of grief counseling. Connect with Zoya; hear what she has to say and how she can make a difference for you.

Gift: #2: For the first 5 subscribers to register, get your free 2-hour one-on-one session with Zoya, and learn how to promote your business with Social Media and how E-mail marketing can really grow your business!



FREE Gift from Mia-Michelle Henry

Embrace your Authentic Heart and Live Your Best Life!

Mia-Michelle Henry knows how life can get in the way of living your dreams. As a transformational coach, educator and motivational speaker, Mia-Michelle empowers her clients to live an authentic life filled with passion and purpose.

She has combined powerful insight and years of training to support others to achieve great positive change through simple, laser-focused actions. Her authentic approach keeps clients accountable and moving forward in their unique journey.

Gift #1: "Dare to Live from the Heart" Webinar training - Learn and apply the 5 essential strategies to help you rethink what it means to live your greatest life. Once you take the first step, you will never be the same. 
Value: $97.00

Gift # 2: "Authentic Success: Living with Power, Passion, & Purpose" eBook - Download this step-by-step guide to reactivate your power, rebirth clarity of vision and reawaken your passion for life. 
Value: $39.00

Gift #3: A 1-hour Group Coaching Teleseminar on the “The Spirit of Forgiveness” ...for the first 15 who register.
Value: $198.00



FREE Gift from Pamela Zimmer

A Mother Opens Her Heart - Where is Your Heart Taking You?

Pamela Zimmer was a professional architect and entrepreneur who transformed into a stay-at-home mom. Pamela always knew she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but still struggled when she lost her identity as a successful career woman. It wasn't the destination she mourned, it was the transition. Today Pamela has a passion to share her parenting experiences and give an open space for others who choose to listen to their hearts and make the same life change.

Gift #1: "From Business Success to Parenting Fulfillment: A Woman’s Journey to Motherhood" eBook - Learn how Pamela navigated the decision to follow her heart and transform her life. She shares her strategies for creating and implementing a bigger plan. Also included are the methods she used to stay focused, gain support, and ultimately give up her career to stay present with her family.
Value: $35.00

Gift #2: 30-Daily Affirmations to Achieve Balance and Fulfillment - Anything is possible when you apply focus and intention. Pamela offers you a life-changing process in this bonus offering. Created for long-term use, each week the focus begins internally and concludes with an outward focus on family and community. 
Value: $25.00



FREE Gift from Allison Izu Song

Be Your Own Hero, and Learn to Dress Like One Too!
Designer Allison Izu lends you tips and know how on dressing your body type.

Allison Izu Song is the owner/designer for Allison Izu, a clothing company for women 5’6” and shorter. Throughout her life as someone 5’2”, Allison realized that her calling was to create clothing for real women, and give them a voice in the fashion industry.

While living with an industry that sold her clothing made for someone 5’8”, Allison quickly learned tips and tricks to get her clothing to fit her shorter frame, and make her appear taller and thinner. And who doesn't want to appear taller and thinner?

Gift #1: Allison Izu personally walks you through dressing your body frame and how to appear taller and thinner in your clothing.

Gift #2: Download a guide with tips and tricks to dress your body.

Value: $50.00



FREE Gift from Clare Dreyer

Success With Clarity…Get Clear With Clare

Clare Rice Dreyer learned through real life experience and her more than twenty years’ experience to manifest and create dramatic results in her own life that she now is bringing to anyone who wants to leap forward in the business, professional or personal life.

Clare Rice Dreyer, SPHR is the founder of the Success with Clarity Consulting Group and is a highly sought after corporate consultant, executive coach, and inspirational speaker and author. She provides clients with practical action plans on how they can increase their bottom line by using her trademarked step-by-step strategic process. Clare has also provided over 500 high-impact, dynamic and energetic training seminars, workshops and keynote presentations internationally.

Gift #1: You get an eBook to help you assess your current personal or business status and learn how to re-write your script of “The Movie of Your Life” to help you get what you want with clarity! You will use a guide to take YOUR TURN to explore and create an action plan to attain your goals and dreams.
Value: $199

Gift #2: A half hour strategy session with Clare Dreyer to personally walk you through “The Movie of Your Life” process!
Value: $150



FREE Gift from Zaida Garcia

Hi 5 is a Tool that Is Going To Change Your Life!

Zaida Garcia is a Certified Public Speaker and program designer of a successful tool called "Hi 5". She works hard to empower individuals with powerful wealth strategies to achieve their maximum potential. She'll help you identify what is truly important, teach you how to take action and make the choice to improve your life.

By Living in Hi 5 you will have the clarity to take extraordinary action that will propel you into the wealth and prosperity you desire.

Gift #1: "The Hi 5 Guide" - A tool used to inform, give clarity and help you see the possibilities in creating abundance in your life.
Value: $25.00

Gift #2: "Mini 5-day Workbook" - Get a 5-Day action plan to start implementing your Hi 5.
Value: $25.00

Gift #3: Receive a 25-day subscription to the "Hi 5 Million Dollar Club" - A vehicle to a world of empowerment and prosperity for the success of ALL.
Value: $125.00

Gift #4: "55 No Cost, Or Low Cost Marketing Tactics" - Learn how to find clients in any economy starting today! A 5 week strategic marketing plan that you can use immediately to increase your sales.
Value: $25.00

Gift #5: A 1-hour Personalized Vision Quest with Zaida - Experience a unique vision of your dreams coming alive for the first 5 sign-ups.
Value: $125.00



FREE Gift from Suzane Piela

The Soulful Side of Dying

At some point in our lives we will be the caregivers for a loved one dying. One day we will also face the doorway of our own journey with death.

In Western society, the reality of this thought creates fear and trepidation because we associate death through a medical model of pain, struggle and suffering. What if there was another way to overcome these challenges hat is more honoring, supportive and life affirming to the dying process?

Dying is a sacred journey, as sacred as the birth of a child. If we cradle a newborn baby into this world, it is only natural to cradle that same life out of this world. They are both a natural flow of the continuing circle of life.

Suzane facilitates the soulful journey of dying. As a hospice nurse she has tended to patients and their families from all walks of life and spiritual beliefs. She guides people through the mystery of this process that affords healing of hearts, connection with Spirit and the transformation of lives.

Gift #1: Transforming the Face of Death. This 30-minute audio provides a unique perspective on death and the process of dying to embrace this journey with hope, grace and spiritual surrender.
Value: $30.00

Gift #2: A free 30-minute counseling session for seven (7) randomly selected people who sign up. Suzane offers a unique perspective on dying with purposeful and practical steps to guide you through this journey for transformation and healing. 
Value: $100.00



FREE Gift from Laura Ellsworth

Do you need to reinvent or grow your business to a new level? "Say Yes To Success!"

Laura Ellsworth is an entrepreneur extraordinaire with a 30 year background in the creative arts industry, product sales and marketing, and referral marketing. Laura has built businesses exclusively by establishing relationships. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and is on the creative team of "Get Your Woman On".

Gift #1 - Receive a free audio download: "How to add a Referral Marketing income to your business".

Gift #2 - For the first 5 visitors, receive a free 45 minute consultation with Laura that will direct you to excellent resources to help you reinvent your business, grow your existing one, or start anew with fresh ideas.

Value: $149.00



FREE Gift from Amber Ludwig

75 Ways to Grow Your Online Business!
Free Download of Internet Business Development eBook "Online Evolutions", by Web Expert Amber Ludwig

Amber Ludwig is a young but highly experienced entrepreneur focusing on Online Business Development AND Personal Development, all with the simple mission of helping others. Her expertise is in working with online entrepreneurs and authors worldwide to help spread their message.

Online Evolutions combines Amber's experience in all these areas and provides you with a 75-page eGuide that will teach you:

  • 14 Online Product Ideas You Can Create Cheaply to Make Money Online

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Recording Audio or Video for Your Website

  • Low to No Cost Methods for Driving New Visitors to Your Website/Blog

  • Learn About the Top Social Networks and How to Use Them

  • Top Internet Marketing Resources to Make Money for Your Online Business

Amber's Online Evolutions eBook trains you on the very methods she uses every day on her own products and websites. Get immediate access to this guide today for free!

Value: $47.00



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